Cutlery in Beaune

› Mixed color cutlery

With a declination of 20 different colors, the “Berlingot” range of steak knives and forks are made by Claude Dozorme, Master Cutler based in France in Thiers since 1902. These knives are sold by the unit or by the set (in one or combined colors), presented in a wooden box (4, 6, 8 or 12 pieces).

Brighten up your kitchen with good quality knives for everyday use; this is Claude Dozorme’s way of combining fashionable colors and modern design for an unfussy, practical style.

The “Berlingot” design has a range of 20 different knives and 12 kitchen tools such as a vegetable knife, spreader knife, cheese knife and pizza knife.

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› Laguiole cutlery

Laguiole, a small Aveyron village, lent its name to a famed curved pocket knife with a bee motif. It was very popular with agricultural workers in the last century for their seasonal migration.

Nowadays many cutlery firms manufacture this model using very different techniques and materials. Because Laguiole knives with highly variable quality have appeared, you should be sure of a knife’s provenance.

This knife bears the signature of French Master Cutler Claude Dozorme who was one of the first to introduce this model as tableware.

The range is broad with a choice of materials to suit your life-style.

  • Classical with shell or dark horn handle
  • Traditional with vallernia, exotic or olive wood
  • Practical with acrylic flake or natural nacrine
  • Very modern with mat or shiny stainless steel handle.

This range of high quality steak knives and forks for elegant tables are available by the unit or in by the set, presented in a wooden box of 4, 6, 8 or 12 pieces. The range also offers a boxed 2 or 3 piece carving set, cheese knife set, or bread knife.

Every blade manufactured by Master Cutler Claude Dozorme carries his name as a guarantee of quality, know-how and tradition.